Choose your suffering

Flying off in the middle of a pandemic feels somewhat like starring in an apocalypse movie. All about you is quiet and still yet there's a bunch of humans making their way through


我是在一股无法压抑的悲伤里醒过来的。 梦里临近过年,好像是回了中国还是在回去的路上,正期待着亲戚要上门的小窃喜。然而梦里的我发现自己只是做了一场梦,世界飞行依然受阻之后,心理防线崩溃得一塌糊度。于是模糊之间,枕头被打湿了醒来。

Dragon boats in Chongqing

As Yu Yan left a roaring crowd for the airport to head home to Beijing from Shanghai, her very existence a living defiance of ennui; I was rather puzzled here in Singapore: why