The only story that matters in this century is the resurgence of China. I use resurgence because China considers itself the Central Kingdom for a reason. Much as the Jews have always dreamt of reclaiming a lost kingdom prior to Israel, so does China increasingly aspire for its rightful place in the world. We have no idea what rightful will look like exactly – but I am an optimist.

After my trip back to China this June, I realised over dinner banquets and elaborate tea ceremonies that the college admissions game is over. But tech education might be interesting. In fact tech education and its collorary skills-based education is so interesting because much of East Asia is now reaping the fruits of what it had sown in the past: a blind emphasis on academic education leading to – I dare say – an overconsumption of educational degrees and certificates in this part of the world. I would go as far as to say that (academic) education – supposedly a merit good – is positively a demerit good given the current state of affairs in our part of the world, lol. Rather than bringing down the costs of an academic education (which is pointless anyway because when it’s an arm race, if you make the X aspect of an academic education free of charge, thank you so much for freeing up the money I was gonna spent on X anyway on Y instead), I think what we ought to do as a society is to disentangle the attainment of an academic qualification with reasonable expectations for career progression. Or at least create more alternate pathways.

Anyway so college admissions is over and tech education might be interesting.

4 months later, while I am still agonising over percentage points there have been companies – million-dollar backed companies – that have sprung up and are now offering such classes for free in public schools.

Meanwhile it takes our government 6 months on average (an optimistic estimate by the way) to approve any sort of enterprise funding.

This leaves me feeling like… I wish I had a house to mortgage. :( This is why parents make so much sense when they rather their children be bankers. Le sigh. But we shall see.


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